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Aust Financial Advisory LLC (AFA) is a financial planning firm and Registered Investment Adviser located in Atlanta Georgia. Arthur Otis Aust is the founder of AFA and provides or is involved in all financial planning, investment management and advice for the firm’s clients.

AFA offers comprehensive financial advice which include the following areas cash flow, assets and debts, investments, insurance/ annuities, education funding, employee benefits, taxation, retirement and estate planning.

Common Good Values

AFA’s financial practice is motivated by a desire to make excellent financial advice available to all people who have enough income, net worth and assets to get a reasonable return on advice given by a Certified Financial Planner®. We are committed to giving our clients a hard dollar as well as a soft dollar return on the fees they pay us to perform their financial planning. This is not a guarantee, but indicates our desire to focus our client relationships on value provided and received. Hard dollar returns can come in many different areas; a reduction in fees/commissions from your current broker, lower portfolio volatility- more consistent returns, lower taxes paid from proactive tax planning or a timely Roth conversion, lower insurance premiums, better expense management, and many, many other value producing planning techniques in all areas of personal finance.  If you like the predatory business practices of and fees charged by large Wall Street Banks and brokerage houses, we are probably not a good fit as your Financial Planning Firm.


We are compelled by law and contract to work only in the best interest of our clients. Fiduciary literally means to serve only one Master, their client. A fiduciary has the duty, grounded in law, of loyalty, exclusive benefit and competence (due care). We also have the duty to disclose all conflicts of interest as well as our compensation in detail. We have signed the National Association of Personal Financial Planners (NAPFA) fiduciary oath as well as their code of ethics. We always keep all information that we hear and receive from our clients completely confidential. Below is AFA’s confidentiality policy.


We are paid only from the fees that we receive from my clients. We do not sell products and receive no commissions, referral fees, and monies from revenue sharing or any other opaque means of compensation from third parties. As a fiduciary, AFA is required to truthfully disclose all sources and amounts of revenue we receive as a result working with you. Like a lawyer doctor or dentist we get paid directly from you from the fees that we charge. Our fees are based on the time required to perform the analysis, research, develop recommendations and deliver the advice.


Since we do not sell products and therefore do not carry a sales quota and are fiduciaries, you can be assured that all of our communications, both written and verbal, are professional, unbiased financial advice. Our communication is straightforward and truthful and is never sales speak, biased or tainted by commission rates or “sales spiffs” as are the suggestions provided by product providers such as brokerage firms, insurance companies, and mutual fund providers.


NAPFA and the CFP Board hold the highest bars for competency and excellence in the financial planning industry. Their criteria are much higher than the legal standards one must meet to be a registered investment advisory. We are a member of NAPFA and have fulfilled all of the requirements to be a Certified Financial Planner ™, CFP®, except the 3 year experience requirement, which will be completed in March 2013.

  • NAPFA and CFP Requirements- See below

Client Executed

You execute my recommendations on your own, easily and accurately (with our help). You do not delegate trading authority, power of attorney, or fee debit privileges to me. You are in control of your assets. We are your advisor, coach or mentor. A good analogy is; you are the CEO of your life and we work as your CFO.

NAPFA-Registered Advisor 

  • Submit a comprehensive financial plan for peer review
  • Complete 3 years of comprehensive financial planning experience
  • Provides comprehensive financial planning services
  • Fee-only compensation
  • Abide by NAPFA’s Code of Ethics
  • Complete 60 hours of continuing education credits, with specific
  • requirements for 6 core competency areas (per 2 year cycle)

Focus On Fiduciary

Certified Financial Planner™ 

  • Pass a 5 course educational program to be eligible to sit for the CFP® exam
  • Pass a 2 day exam, which has a pass rate of ~57%
  • Complete 3 years of financial planning experience
  • Abide by the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics
  • Complete 30 hours of continuing education credits (per 2 year cycle)

Why is hiring a fee-only planner important? 

Is your Financial Advisor a fiduciary?

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About AFA
Aust Financial Advisory, LLC (“AFA”), is a fee-only, financial planning and investment management advisory firm. AFA provides fee-only services to individuals, families, trusts, estates, pension and profit sharing plans, and business entities. AFA is a registered investment advisory firm in the state of Georgia.
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