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AFA provides Investment Management Services separate from our Annually Retained Investment Management and Financial Planning Coaching Service. This service is suitable for clients who want to engage AFA to manage their assets but do not want to engage us for financial planning. As a fee-only RIA, member of NAPFA, as well as a CFP® certificate holder, we are required to act as a fiduciary for our clients. This means we are required to put our client’s best interest ahead of our own. This demands that we know what is in your best interest, so we engage in the following activities with each Investment Management client to assure compliance to the fiduciary and the Prudent Investor standards required by law for managing retirement accounts.

  • Discuss and understand your financial goals and timeframes
  • Administer and analyze a risk tolerance questionnaire to understand the clients attitudes and emotional ability to handle investment losses in a volatile market
  • Develop an Investment Policy Statement (a business plan) for the Investments to achieve your financial goals given your tolerance for risk.
  • Monitor the investments on a regular basis
  • Re-balance to keep the risk profile of the portfolio consistent with your risk profile
  • Meet to discuss the portfolio and pertinent changes at least once annually

Investment Management Fees

1.00% on the first $500,000;

0.90% on the assets between $500,000 & $1,000,000;

0.80% on assets between $1,000,000 & $2,000,000

0.70% on the assets between $2,000,000 & $5,000,000;

0.60% on the assets over $5,000,000;


Investment management fees are annual and are calculated each quarter in advance. Our minimum annual fee is $15,000 annually for this service.

About AFA
Aust Financial Advisory, LLC (“AFA”), is a fee-only, financial planning and investment management advisory firm. AFA provides fee-only services to individuals, families, trusts, estates, pension and profit sharing plans, and business entities. AFA is a registered investment advisory firm in the state of Georgia.
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